my x mas bonus

The owner a guy in his 60's usually
 gives me a gift card to somewhere.
this year his daaughter came out to meet me with a envelope. Dawn is about 40, tall, sexy and a total stunner!! 
 She looks about 30, she is in 
perfect shape with a great tan, long legs and long light brown hair. Every time I see her I flirt with her some, 
its definatly the high point of

 my day. Dawn is also married to a older guy	I found out he is over 60 and has heart problems( I guess she is
 the eye candy).Anyway she hands
 me a envelope and sez merry Christmas, I open it and its a gift certificate to a fancy Italian resturant. I show
 her and she asks jokingly
when are you going to take me to dinner?. I immediatly say tomorrow night! she looks at me kind of funny, and I 
say well? are we on or not? she 
pauses then nods her head yes. I say great I will meet you here at 400pm.I tell her to dress casual, jeans or Ok.
 I cant wait from that moment on
, all the rest of the day and night im thinking of the possibilities of our date. I arrive at the shop at 3:45 
 and Dawn is waiting for me
 she looks suprised when I get out of my car in a nice suit and tie with a rose for her. she said, I thought you 
said to dress casual? I said I did,
 but were going shopping first, I got some gift certificates for the mall. She liked that Idea. She got into my car
 and we headed to the mall. I told
 her she can get whatever she wanted, But I will pick out a dress that she can wear tonight. We went into Macys and 
she picked out a few tops and a
 nice red dress. She tried it on then came out to show me it on her and asked what I thought. I said she was sooooo
 stunning and she has to be the 
 me. She then went to change back into her own clothes, she had about 4 or 5 things to buy. Then I told her now I
 get to pick your outfit for tonight.
 I asked her what size dress and shoe she was and she said a size 6 dress and 7 and half shoe.. I told her to wait
 here and I handed her a small
 bag and asked her to put this on and nothing else except the dress and shoes I will bring her. I went right for a
sexy dress I saw earlier A short 
soft pink colored dress with a tight top and the bottom kind of tiered out in layers.I then went to the shoe
 department and found some 4" high heels
 in the same color with sexy ankle straps. I brought them to her and asked her to try them on for me. In the bag 
i handed her was a pair of suntan 
silky pantyhose, that I cut the crotch out. After a few minutes she came out dressed with a big smile. I noticed
 she had on the pantyhose. She looked
 unbelievible!!.The dress was very short on her and it looked even shorter with her heels on. She asked how do I
 Look?	I told her like a goddess. 
she then walked into the changing room then turned around once inside and lifted up her dress to show me she 
wasnt wearing anything except the
 pantyhose and that her pussy was shaved clean.Her pussy lips were swollen and nice and full looking.I was hard 
instantly. I paid for everything and
 we left the we walked out I told her she is without a doubt the hottest girl I ever saw in my life.
 She leaned over and we shared a deep kiss
 as her hand found my allready hard cock and gave it a squeeze. I told her she did that when she walked out of
 the changing room earlier and its been 
hard ever since. I asked her if she would fufill a fantasy I have been having for over a year, she agreed. We
 walked to the restrooms and I asked her
 to change into her dress,heels and pantyhose...and nothing else.she came out and looked stunning! we walked 
hand in hand to find the right store. I 
found a empty shoe store with a young kid working. we walked in and I asked Dawn to play along. we looked at
 some shoes and then the kid came over to
 us and asked us if we found anything we liked? I told him my girl not sure of her size and he said he would
 measure her.we both sat down on the chairs
 and he pulled on of those stools up in front of her. she lifted her knee into her chest to undo the strap
 on her shoe. In doing so her pussy was
 totally exposed. The kids eyes were glued on her pussy and he a smile on his face a mile wide.she took off
 her shoe then did the same thing with her
 other shoe, giving a great show to the kid. He then took her foot and put it in the measuring slide.I told
 him we wanted to see the five inch red heels.
 He went to get them and while he was gone I kissed Dawn and told her I am so turned on and she is so fucking
 hot! He came back with the shoes and Dawn
 put her foot in his crotch and wiggled it I could see he was hard. He took her foot and slowly put it in the 
shoe. she did the same thing with the other
 foot. Then she got up and walked around the store in the shoes She looked stunning!She then sat down and 
removed the shoes, giving the kid another great
 view of her pussy. I then asked him if he could get another pair for her to try on, a pink ballet shoe with 
lace ribbons that tie up around the leg.He
 came back with the shoes and put them on Dawn. Her foot was on his cock squeezing it as he wrapped the ribbon
 up around her leg. He did the same with the 
other shoe and when he was done she took both of her feet(in the ballet flats) and put them in his crotch and
 wiggled them. She then said these feel great.
 the kid said they sure do with a laugh.Dawn just kept her feet in his lap and gave him a foot job for a few 
minutes.I then said we will take them. When 
we went to pay the kid said they were free. we thanked him and told him we will be in again soon. We arrived
 at the fancy Italian resturant, had dinner 
talked and I basicly stared into her eyes all night long and told her how sexy I think she is and thanked her
 for a great show at the shoe store. She said
 it was so much fun teasing that young kid.She said she could feel his dick throbbing and knew he was close to
 cumming but she only wanted to make me cum
 tonight.After dinner and a few drinks	we left and went to a bar at the holiday Inn down the road. It was 
packed and we found a couple of stools at the

 bar. she was sitting there with her sexy legs exposed and crossed.It was driving me wild, and a few other
 guys also were checking her out also. I couldnt
 keep my hands off her sexy silky legs. I was rubbing them all night long, going a little higher each time. 
she was loving the attention, not only by me but
 the other guys watching us.We Shared a slow dance, and held each other close together and kissed as they 
dimmed the lights	we had such a great make out
 session on the dance floor. It was so crowded on the dance floor that I stuck my hand under her dress and
 pushed my finger into her pussy. She was so wet. 
I pulled it out and put it into my mouth and tasted it, Dawn looked kind of embarrased, but asked how was 
it. I said great but I would like to taste it 
straight from the source. We kissed and I asked her if she wanted to get out of here, she said, lets go.I
 had a room reserved in the hotel, and we went 
right up to our room. In the elevator our hands were all over each other, like teenage lovers.I opened the
 door and there was rose pedals on the bed with
 champagne on ice( I did this earlier on when I got the room in the afternoon). We melted into each other
 arms and kissed for what seemed like hours. then 

I undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. I asked her if she could leave the pantyhose and high heels
 on for me. She said only if I get totally naked
 for her. I was a little embarrased on how hard I was from seeing her dressed like that. when I pulled down
 my pants and underwear I told her I cant wait to 
do my hard dick sprang straight up pointing up in the air. I told her she makes me so hard. She giggled and 
said that it is totally hot that me just looking
 at her gets me hard.She dropped to her knees in front of meand licks my cock all over and then dives down 
on it plunging her mouth on it. I had to back her 
off because I was about to cum. I then had her lay on her back and spread her legs wide open, grabbing her
 heels. I just had to taste that pussy that was 
teasing me all night long.I dove into her pussy and sucked, licked teased and french kissed it for what 
seamed like hours. Her lips and clit were so plump 
 and wet. I felt her body start to tense up so I sucked hard on her clit. She exploded in my mouth very strong
 and powerfull. As her pussy was trembling and 
spitting out cum, I plunged my hard cock into her.It slid right in because she was soaking wet. As I fucked her
 slowly, she wrapped her legs around my waist 
 and pulled me deeper into her. I told her I was going to cum and she asked me to put it in her mouth.So I
 burried it into her mouthshe sucked the cum right
 out of me and swallowed what was the biggest load I ever shot in my life.She looked so sexy with my cock 
in her mouth. We layed there just holding each other
 for a bit then I told her I just had to feel up those pantyhosed covered legs and ass. I rubbed every inch 
of her legs and ass and I was hard again in no time.
 Dawn then asked if I was turned on in the shoe store? I told her I masturbated many times fantisizing about
 her doing exactly that.she then said she would like
 to get me off with her feet. I think I felt my dick get even harder if that was possible. She then gave me 
the most awesome foot job ever. I had her put her
 feet togetherand I fucked the soles of her feet and came all over her hosed feet.I then rolled her onto her
 stomach and rubbed her ass then ripped a hole 
 in her pantyhose and I started to tongue her asshole, she seemed to like that as she started to moan. I
 was going to town licking her asshole then i reached
 around and fingered her pussy as I licked her ass. It didnt take her long to let go of a body shuttering 
orgasm.I kept my tongue burried in her asshole the whole
 time she was cumming. We showered together then we got dressed and headed back to get her car. We kissed
 goodnight and I thanked her for a awesome time and for
 fufilling my fantasies. I told her i cant wait to do it again and would see her next week when i come in
 to the store.she drove away and I watched as she
 dissapeared down the road.
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